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I've been taking/making photos since the age of 5. Started with trips to the Sierra Nevada, then to Europe and then the world. Now I live in Napa, Ca with some gallery shows of my fine art landscapes, but still love snapshots and documentary photos of life and beyond. More of my work at http://www.purdypictures.com.


SWG vineyards

Updated: Apr 14, 2014 2:11pm PDT

Grand Canyon Research

The story of the 2003 research trip by the Grand Canyon Monitoring and ...

Updated: Jul 21, 2012 1:21pm PDT

Harvest 2011

Some of the best of Garnet Vineyards Stanley Ranch and Rogers Creek So ...

Updated: Feb 28, 2012 3:47pm PDT

Napa Winemaker watches barrells getting made

Alison Crowe of Garnet Vineyards takes a tour of the Demptos Cooperage ...

Updated: Feb 28, 2012 2:45pm PDT

Stags Leap Peak

Revisit of an expedition 2 years ago, yet this time better able to fol ...

Updated: Feb 28, 2012 2:36pm PDT

Burgdorf, Idaho

Updated: Aug 08, 2011 11:37am PDT

Seghesio Tour

The Pine Ridge sales and events team gets introduced to the vines and ...

Updated: Jul 12, 2011 10:41pm PDT